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People often say that the hardest part of choosing new spectacles is selecting their frames. At Richard Suckling Optometrists, we have a huge range of frame styles to choose from. We stock more than 800 frames ranging from designer models to budget specials. And, if you need something special that’s not in stock, you can browse through one of our in-store catalogues and we can order the frame you choose.


Included in our over 800 stock frame styles are top designs from Oakley, Guess, Diesel, Rayban, Convertibles, You’s, Adidas, Esprit, Oroton, Fysh, Safilo, Mazzimo, Skechers, and many more.


Most of our frames are new models. Our frames turn over very quickly and there are only a few frames more than 6 months old.

Important considerations when selecting a frame are its fit and its strength. Does the frame feel comfortable? Does it slip down your nose? Will it support a strong prescription without difficulty?

Plastic frames tend to be very comfortable on the nose. Metal rimmed frames are light weight and strong but generally ‘carry’ their weight on two little nose pads that sit on your nose so they may be less comfortable. Rimless metal frames, while looking very attractive, are not as strong as rimmed metal frames and may not be suitable for a higher-powered prescription.



Some people are allergic to metal and have difficulty wearing most metal frames. However, they can wear titanium frames. Titanium is extremely light, very strong and doesn’t corrode. Titanium frames can be made a lot thinner than normal metal frames but titanium frames can be difficult to weld if they break. Consequently, we don’t usually recommend titanium frames for children as children tend to be quite tough on their glasses.

Sometimes the size of a frame needs to be considered carefully. Modern frames have got a lot shallower which can sometimes be a problem if you wear progressive lenses. The new progressive lens designs have helped but if you work on computers and need more intermediate vision, sometimes it is better to choose a slightly deeper frame rather than a narrow one.

Our trained staff can advise you about what frame styles best suit your face and about what frames styles would best suit your prescription requirements. If you would like to, you are most welcome to bring someone with you to help you with your frame style selection.

We have a full aftercare service for our spectacle frames including frame adjustments and minor repairs. As well, we sell a large range of frame and lens accessories like lens cleaning clothes, demisters, glasses cases, ‘Bug Its’, spectacle cords and chains, small screwdrivers and so on.






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